Schedule Crew Assignments for 100 People 3.21

Schedule Crew Assignments for 100 People 3.21: Create job-specific work crews that may change in composition from day-to-day. The CM-10-100 crew maker spreadsheet allows you to assign 100 employees to 10 daily jobs and is ideal for businesses that need to create job-specific work crews that may change from day-to-day. Up to 6 different employee categories and 8 different specialties can be assigned to daily jobs or crews. Assignments are made from drop-down menus of qualified employees and once someone is assigned to a job, his or her name is removed from the list.

Columbus Crew MLS Firefox Theme 0.9.2: The Official Columbus Crew Soccer theme for the Internet Explorer Web Browser
Columbus Crew MLS Firefox Theme 0.9.2

Get ready for the 2010 MLS season with the Columbus Crew Internet Explorer browser theme - follow all the action with this custom browser theme for IE. Capture the excitement of MLS soccer right in your Internet Explorer browser. Includes an un-installer.

skin, toolbar, browser, columbus, soccer, internet explorer, crew, theme

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StarLines INC 1.0

Starlines inc is a strategy game that puts you in command of a fleet of starships carrying passengers and cargo between different worlds. You have direct control over which cargo and passengers your ships take on board, including hazardous perishable and stolen cargos, control the prices your ships charge, and need to keep your crew happy (or replace them with droids!). You have to watch out that your ships dont break down or fall into disrepair.

cargo, strategy, trade, simulation, management, space, ship

Starscape 1.5c: Starscape, mixes arcade game play with an involving plot.
Starscape 1.5c

Moonpod’s Starscape mixes old school arcade game play values with involving plot to deepen the whole experience. With most of its crew missing the space station Aegis is all but lost. As the last remaining pilot you must help rebuild the station’s defences, acquire alien technology and create your own uniquely configured set of fighters. Within the nodes of the grid you will uncover the terrible purpose of the evil Archnid race.

games, entertainment, shareware, moon, starscape moonpod, blaster, action, arcade

Generator music 01 09: The Music Box is a daily music and entertainment magazine featuring reviews, mus
Generator music 01 09

The Music Box is a daily music and entertainment magazine featuring reviews, music news, tour dates, interviews, feature articles, streaming audio and video. Music Box - Cast, Crew, Reviews, Plot Summary, Comments, Discussion, Taglines, Trailers, Posters, Photos, Showtimes, Link to Official Site, Fan Sites. Welcome to the Music Box. Youll need a free plug-in called Shockwave to play this game. More with Arthur Home / Friends / Games / Print / Fin

friends, music news, need, print, comments, daily, periodic, plug in, music, showtimes, trailers, this, sites

Planet X 1: Rescue your crew quickly!
Planet X 1

Can you rescue all of your crew in this daring and fun space cave exploration game?

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Attendance Management System Theater Ed 3.0

Attendance Management System - Theater Edition was designed specifically to help stage managers handle the day-to-day tasks associated with running rehearsals and performances. You`ll be able to easily manage attendance and contact details for the cast and crew of any production.

calendars, attendance, stage, theater, stage management, contact, rehearsal, calendar

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